SEO copywriting

A man holding an iPhone with Google Search | SEO Copywriting

If you’ve spent the time and resources building a website for your business, there’s no doubt that it needs to be optimised for SEO. But what does that mean exactly?

Whether its a blog post or a product description, SEO copywriting is about crafting website copy that’s informative, compelling and well-structured using targeted keywords. In the past, SEO was about striking the right balance between the end-user and the search engine algorithm – even keyword stuffing was considered best practice at some point.

Now, SEO copy is primarily written for the end-user and masterfully tweaked to incorporate the right keywords.

There are also multiple on-page elements that you need to take into consideration to maximise your website’s SEO potential including page titles and meta descriptions. By taking the time to invest in every microelement of your website and continuing to monitor the effectiveness of your keywords, you’ll be in a better position to garner more traffic, more leads and more sales!

Why should you hire me as your SEO copywriter?

I’ll take the time to understand your business and conduct thorough keyword research to craft standout, SEO-friendly copy that will keep your customers clicking through your website.

Are you a start-up with no idea of where to start?

No problem.

I’ll sit down with you to get to know your business goals, identify your competitors, perform the necessary keyword research, write your copy and develop a bespoke SEO strategy to get you on your feet.

Let’s have a chat today to see how I can optimise your website content.

The Process



We get to know each other and the expectations of your project over a phone or video call – free of charge.



Once we agree on terms, we’ll go through an in-depth briefing process to establish the finer details of the project, identify your brand tone of voice and lead times.


Content Production

This is the part where you sit back and relax. I’ll take over from here.



At this stage, the first draft shouldn’t be seen as the final product. It’s an opportunity to review the draft and ensure I’m on the right track in terms of language style and tone of voice. Once I’ve received your feedback, I’ll get to work on tweaking the content for the final draft.



You receive the final copy – refined, polished and ready to publish.