Product Descriptions

Close up of headphones | Product descriptions

If you don’t write product descriptions for your eCommerce site, chances are, you’re not going to sell many products.

Size, texture, fit, scent and weight are just a few elements of a product that customers are looking out for when they’re searching for products online – but it doesn’t stop there. Like the rest of the content on your website, product descriptions also need to be persuasive. You’ve done the hard work to get customers to your product page, now your product description simply needs to do one thing: persuade them to convert.

There’s also keyword research to consider for every product. Keywords should appear naturally in your product titles and descriptions, as well as category pages, to maximise the potential of your overall SEO strategy. The copy itself should retain your brand’s tone of voice in order to resonate with your customers.

That’s a lot to consider for a few sentences to sell a product.

Why you should hire me as your eCommerce product copywriter?

I’ll take the time to get to know your brand, your products and your target audience. If you haven’t got a list of relevant keywords, I’ll be happy to conduct the research for you and craft compelling product copy that connects with your customers to get them clicking the buy button.

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The Process



We get to know each other and the expectations of your project over a phone or video call – free of charge.



Once we agree on terms, we’ll go through an in-depth briefing process to establish the finer details of the project, identify your brand tone of voice and lead times.


Content Production

This is the part where you sit back and relax. I’ll take over from here.



At this stage, the first draft shouldn’t be seen as the final product. It’s an opportunity to review the draft and ensure I’m on the right track in terms of language style and tone of voice. Once I’ve received your feedback, I’ll get to work on tweaking the content for the final draft.



You receive the final copy – refined, polished and ready to publish.