Blog Writing

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So your website is up and running. You’re generating leads or converting customers, but you’re having to work twice as hard to drive traffic to your website with paid ads on social media or Google ads. Isn’t there a way to make your website work for itself?

Blogging is your answer!

Writing blogs is a free and easy way to keep your website as fresh as the first day it went live. High-quality, engaging blog posts that are published regularly, and optimised for search engines, not only allow you to become an established online authority on a topic, you’re more likely to rank better for keywords related in your market.

Why hire me as your blog writer?

You may love the prospect of writing fresh blog content for your website – after all, it’s free marketing! But it requires a considerable amount of time spent on research, planning and, of course, writing. Some businesses simply don’t have the resources to commit to the task of developing and committing to an ongoing blogging strategy that demands consistency and quality at its core.

That’s where I come in. I’ll take the time get to know your brand and fully research your market to deliver noteworthy blog copy that’s engaging to your customers and positions your brand front-of-mind for consumers in your market.

Let’s have a chat today to talk about your blogging strategy.

The Process



We get to know each other and the expectations of your project over a phone or video call – free of charge.



Once we agree on terms, we’ll go through an in-depth briefing process to establish the finer details of the project, identify your brand tone of voice and lead times.


Content Production

This is the part where you sit back and relax. I’ll take over from here.



At this stage, the first draft shouldn’t be seen as the final product. It’s an opportunity to review the draft and ensure I’m on the right track in terms of language style and tone of voice. Once I’ve received your feedback, I’ll get to work on tweaking the content for the final draft.



You receive the final copy – refined, polished and ready to publish.