Why You Should Hire Freelancers (and Tips for Doing So)

As technology has made huge strides and torn down barriers, businesses are now taking the opportunity to grow differently than their traditional predecessors.

If your company finds itself not needing continuous part-time or full-time employees or that hiring employees doesn’t economically make sense in a particular area, then it’s worth considering freelancers.

In this day and age, not everything needs to be done onsite. Not every task requires oversight.

To make your business successful, especially if you’re in the midst of reopening, it may be worth uniting multiple talents to get the job done. There’s a vast array of things to consider when deciding your hiring needs. Let’s discuss a few below.

Diversify Your Team

One reason to hire freelancers is that it allows you to diversify your team in more ways than one. Hiring a full-time graphic designer to work on marketing may not fit your business’ needs or budget.

But hiring someone for a couple of promotional projects here and there may be just what you need and it will also benefit the freelancer who is looking for a regular gig but has other clients to work with.

Beyond diversifying talent, you can also ensure your business represents the community. Freelancers are diverse in race, gender and sexuality. They encompass all age groups, come from all educational backgrounds and are all differently abled.

Examine your current teams and as you look to fill some positions, keep in mind the gaps you can fill in your team to make sure you’re representing the world around you. For example, you could hire web design, accounting, or lead generation services for your business. And if you need engaging content for your website and blog, you can connect with a freelance copywriter.

Securing Your Cyber Walls

Most freelance work is done off-site and online. It’s imperative that your freelance team and employees understand there are real security threats and each person needs to be vigilant in protecting themselves and the business.

The more we work online, the easier it is for identity theft to occur, hackers have more targets to infiltrate and the safety of personal information becomes at risk.

Here are some basic steps everyone should take:

  • stay current on software updates
  • don’t click on unexpected links or attachments
  • invest in antivirus software
  • invest in webcam covers
  • create strong passwords and change them often

Choose Local

Excellent freelancers may be living nearby. Before branching out to larger cities or other states, start your search locally. You’ll not only be building your local brand by getting your name out there in your community as a potential employer, but you’ll also be supporting your local economy by providing income to locals who need the work.

As an added benefit, your business will reflect your community, choosing from a pool of workers with different experiences and backgrounds but all with the common goal of being invested in your hometown.

Invest in Others

When you hire freelancers, you’re getting the benefit of their talent, time and flexibility. If you want to see your community and quality of work improve, it’s worth investing in your freelancers. Some of the most skilled and experienced workers in the workforce are veterans and senior citizens, yet they are commonly excluded as potential hires.

Invest in them by hiring them and providing whatever additional training they need to be brought up to speed and you’ll likely find that you have dedicated workers as part of your team.

Some other ways to invest in your freelancers include:

  • establishing a smooth onboarding system and training
  • making your work environment more accessible to the differently-abled
  • providing equipment to make work time more productive and efficient
  • implementing mentorship programs
  • starting internship programs
  • working as a team

Thanks to technology, your company can hire from a larger pool of talent than ever before. Hiring freelancers allows you to diversify your team, which benefits everyone involved.

Just be sure to strengthen your cybersecurity, look to hire freelancers in your area and invest in hiring and training veterans and senior citizens. And don’t be surprised if your company experiences growth like you’ve never imagined!